An Indifference to Ivory: Cultural Traditions of Japan May No Longer Dictate Elephant Contraband

An Indifference to Ivory: Cultural Traditions of Japan

In Japan, ivory products have often been described as a part of Japanese culture and tradition but what does ivory really mean to Japanese citizens? Is there really such a high demand for ivory? Are Japanese citizens aware that elephants are subject to continued bloodshed as a result of this demand?

Only 7% of all poll participants supported importing ivory while 61% (including 30% who are strongly opposed) were opposed. However, 32% of those polled were undecided on whether they support or oppose. The majority of both males and females were in opposition to importing ivory (Male-63%; Female-56%), and, approximately 70% of each age group polled was opposed except for males 15-19 years old (wherein the opposition rate stayed at 49%). Females aged 50-59 had the highest percentage rate of opposition at 71%.


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