Brown Bear Den Hunt Ban Adopted in Russia

The ban is a great news not only for bears but for us as humans. Russian officials managed to overcome so called centuries old traditions for the Bear den hunt in Russia. where it was equal for such symbols of Russia as vodka, caviar, Matreshka doll.

It is great day: The long waited ban for the brown bear den is adopted! And even so, still brown bear cubs need your help.

It was a long struggle for us as well, which brought us to today's victory for bears. What does the ban means for bears? That means that any more the mother bears will be disturbed from their hibernation in dens by the barking hunting dogs. when there is no escape and the only fate is to get bullet from several hunters, who are just waiting for the scared mother to rush out from the den.

Mother is killed. but that is not the end of the cruel story, there are tiny bear cubs left behind in the den. As that is in the winter in the quietness of the den shelter. That mother bears give birth to their cubs and nurse them. There were not less the thousand bear cubs left orphan all over Russia, presumably even more up to five thousands.

A Russian bear cub after his feeding.

For sixteen years IFAW provides support to the Orphaned Bear Rehabilitation Center where orphan bear cubs get the second chance for life: Through these years more than 150 cubs were released back to the forest:

The ban is a great news not only for bears but for us as humans. Russian officials managed to overcome so called centuries old traditions for the Bear den hunt in Russia. where it was equal for such symbols of Russia as vodka, caviar, Matreshka doll. That was possible, because IFAW ran a campaign to forbid the hunt and it was supported by thousands and thousands of our supporters, who wrote letters to the President, prime minister, and Parliament!

Through Animal Action Week about half a million Russians signed the petition to stop
the den hunt. It became obvious to the Russian government that the time has come to stop this barbaric hunt: The bad traditions has to be terminated, and so it should be.


Help support the International Fund for Animal Welfare "Name and Orphaned Bear Cub for Earth Day" contest by donating and telling your friends about the effort here:

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6 years ago

Marsha, you deserve great credit for all your hard work. I am proud to be a member of I.F.A.W. in England, and support your tireless devotion to educate people and most of all save the lives of our animal population. Your country is one to be proud of, my wish is that others will follow your lead. It's time to give respect and care to all animals, after all they were on this earth befor humans. May I wish you every success with your ongoing projects. With greatful thanks, Dale Elizabeth Westwood.

6 years ago

SOS ours en détresse
J'aimerai dénoncer l'état pitoyable d'un ours qui se trouve au "jardin d'essai" à Alger, il ne pourra tenir longtemps, sa santé s’aggrave, il souffre d'une maladie bactérienne qui détruit ses yeux et son système nerveux, les vétérinaires du Park zoologique manquent de moyens,c'est très urgent
faites passez mon message

6 years ago

Dear Tamila,__ thank you very much for your kind words!__All the best__Masha

6 years ago

That is great news for the bears!!! Hopefully it will only be the beginning of change not only for bears but other animals as well!!!

6 years ago

Thank you very much for your work! You all are angels! The world, nature and animals would need much-much more committed people like you!

6 years ago

Thank you so much for all your hard work!

6 years ago

Great news for the bears. IFAW you did a great job!!!!

6 years ago


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