After Three Tim Horton's Stops, Two Happy Girls Arrive in Montréal

Gaia already had a new home waiting for her. The issue was that she was up north and her new home was down south. With few rides betwixt the two, a couple of teachers who had dogs ready to come down finally decided enough of the dog hair, they were going on a road trip. And yes, they would bring Gaia. Part of the plan was for IFAW to find homes or space in rescue for “their” dogs so they could make the 20 hour drive down and back in a weekend.

The incoming dog pack included one black lab cross, one yellow lab cross, one husky cross, one corgi/Chihuahua cross, one 10 week old pup and Gaia, a gorgeous mutt of mixed lineage. My plan was to make it to Montreal and back in a day, squeaking in a meeting while there and a visit to Pootchie in her new home. The drive was less than ideal on the way out with high winds and lots of blowing snow along the highway. But when you have satellite radio you can arrive quite happily in Montreal in about three Tim Horton’s stops.

The author with Gaia.

For those of you who don’t remember Pootchie, she was beaten and buried alive and rehomed through the Northern Dogs Project in the fall. While she has physical reminders of her past that she will carry around with her forever (her eyes water, her nose is askew and her tail has a couple of right angle turns to it), she doesn’t show any emotional signs of trauma. She has grown into a sleek and lanky black bullet with lots of confidence and great dog-dog skills. She gets to run in the woods every day with her dog brother and her humans are dog savvy and enjoy the trials and tribulations of puppyhood (not everyone’s cup of tea!). Pootchie is living la vida loca and carrying on like she’s never known anything less.

So after tramping through the woods with the life loving Pootchie, I set out to meet the incoming pups. The three big ones were squished in the back and while that may not seem like much, you need to know that Gaia didn’t know any of the others before she was picked up that morning and squished in with a bunch of strangers (dogs and people). The puppy was in a crate, the little one was on a lap and the husky cross had been dropped from the passenger list at the last minute.

When Gaia was unloaded, she was even more beautiful than in the photos I had seen. Her mother was a husky and her dad was a big golden mix and together, they made gorgeous babies. Stunning. Unique. We had spayed Gaia as a young puppy at the Northern Dogs clinic in 2009 and at that time, brought home two of her littermates who were rehomed locally.

I was excited to introduce her to her new person and to reunite her with her sister and brother at some point in the near future. I always feel a connection with the dogs that we have worked on at the clinic and if the opportunity arises to find them great homes, I always take it. Fast forward to the end of my 1800 km round trip and to Gaia’s new beginning. The photos speak for themselves. Two happy girls – one two legged and one furry, four legged. I’ll keep you posted on this happy ending. For now, I need sleep!

-- JH

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What a fantastic outcome for Gaia and her new Mom. Thank you Jan for going the extra mile!
Big Heart Rescue
British Columbia

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