Together, our international programs deliver immediate and lasting impact for animals, people and the place we call home. Each is based in science, rooted in local communities, globally-scalable, economically-viable, and always for the long-term.

We supply government decision makers with research on threatened species.

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Influencing Influencers

We are lobbying Congress to ban the indiscriminate poisoning of predators.

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Country-Level Advocacy

We provided parliament with facts about its country's role in the ivory trade.

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Building Consensus


If you want to change the game, start with the rules. And with animal welfare, that means the laws. We’re taking the fight to decision-makers around the world.

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A water pump allows a community and its animal neighbors to coexist.

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Conflict Prevention

Restoring a landscape in India made way for a new generation of animals.

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Preserving Heritage

We're empowering the next generation of conservationists.

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Stopping Deforestation

Landscape Conservation

The place people and animals call home transcends borders and cultures. Our team is on the frontlines in the fight for cleaner air, clearer water, and healthier habitats everywhere.

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The data says stranded dolphins can rejoin their pods.

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Innovative Research

We rescue, rehabilitate and release baby elephants back into the wild.

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Raising Elephant Orphans


minutes - the average time it takes to free seals from nets.

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Untangling Seals

Wildlife Rescue

Our rescue teams saves animals, one by one, anytime, anywhere - on the beach, at sea, and back on land, where we rescue wildlife who’ve been orphaned, displaced, or caught in a disaster.

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volunteers trained and ready to rescue marine mammals along the North Sea coast.

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Helping People Help Animals

Domestic violence demands action for survivors and their pets.

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Preventing Cruelty

Dogs in remote places are never too far away from veterinary assistance.

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Making Care Accessible

Community Engagement

There is a human side to animal welfare. In more than 60 countries, we provide access to food, shelter, veterinary care, and best practices for improving the lives of animals.

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We convened organizations and governments to maximize rescue efforts in Southeast Asia.

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Emergency Relief Networks

Cows can now find refuge during a flood.

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Designing Safe Havens

An app can save an injured animal's life in New South Wales.

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Connecting Communities

Disaster Response

With an emphasis on preparedness, we help communities keep their livestock and local wildlife safer during emergencies. When disaster strikes, we’re ready to respond.

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Local communities can provide powerful protection.

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Stopping Poachers


of Europeans support a ban on ivory trade, yet it's still legal.

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Reducing Demand

We work to shutdown wildlife crime wherever it happens, including online.

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Preventing Cybercrime

Wildlife Crime

It’s tragic, and it must be stopped. Our global network is on the frontlines to ensure that animals have the protection they need.

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Our work with the Norwegian tourism industry will help stop commercial whaling.

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Stop Commercial Whaling


dolphin and whale watching businesses are operating in Japan.

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Start Whale Watching

We are campaigning to create an anti-whaling majority.

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Change Policy

Marine Conservation

As many as one million species live in our ocean, and every one of them is in danger. Our team is working to protect the place they call home. By making the ocean safer and healthier, we can save lives and livelihoods.

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