IFAW Haiti: A Long but Valuable Day for Animals

photo.jpgThis post was filed by the International Fund for Animal Welfare's (IFAW) J.C. Bouvier who is on the ground in Port-au-Prince working with the Animal Rescue Coalition for Haiti (ARCH) teams.

The ARCH team started the day with a call from the vet who was to help us with the treatment for the Dik, dog we met the day before, she told us the meeting wasn't going to happen...not to worry, we have arranged for our trusted contact in the Haitian government who is also a vet to help us tomorrow, stay tuned for the video we hope to bring you of that encounter...

We spent the rest of this morning returning to a village where we had
been the day prior to vaccinate additional animals we were scheduled to meet...along the way, we watched as locals began a scramble to keep a food truck from leaving their area...some of these desperate folks began climbing up the back of the moving truck...it was quite a scene...

After tending to all the dogs and cats in need of aid in that area..at
mid-day the team moved on, discovering a road-side enclave with
"beaucoup de chien" or many dogs...some of which were in dire
need...including one small flea ridden stray pup amid some rubble...after asking around...we could find no owner...however he was staying with a family in the village...we treated the pup for a leg
injury and he was given the usual regimen...

The ARCH team will deploy tomorrow to tend to more animals, including those residing in a "tent city" where earthquake refugees are taking shelter until the threat of aftershocks subsides and they can rebuild...more tomorrow...
For more information, please visit, www.ifaw.org

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Hi JC - I'll be following your posts here at Fitchburg State - and please send an email or other when you get a chance.

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