Indian Flooding Update - Hyacinth, Hyacinth Everywhere and no Water to Drink

Wild_buffaloWit Davis, IFAW ER Responder on the scene in India, filed this report from the field.

After spending six weeks of my life working with a team to remove thousands of pounds of invasive water hyacinth from a water reservoir in California, I sincerely hoped to never see the *%@! stuff again! Boy was I disappointed to arrive in Kaziranga to find out that water hyacinth, which is native to the region and is waging a war on most of the park's waterways, and while another exotic invasive plant species called Mimosa is reducing the grassland available for rhinos and other animals in the park.

The hyacinth moves in and if it's not removed quickly enough islands will form. Since Kaziranga is the only safe haven for many animals in the region including boasting the largest population of Asiatic One-Horned Rhinoceros and the densest population of Bengal Tigers anywhere, it is critical to protect their habitats. The park is undertaking a number of programs to fight off the onslaught of these invasive species but it's a difficult battle. yet areas that were completely cleared of the stuff this January have already become overgrown again. Hopefully they will keep up the good work and eventually the war will be won.

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