Slideshow: orphan bear center in Russia welcomes 4 young cubs

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UPDATED: 2.5.14

There have been several comments and questions about the behaviour of the mother bear, and would she not return for her cubs. IFAW's Director for Russia, Masha Vorontsova, offered the following reply, a full version is below in the comments.

"...if the mother bear is scared from the den in winter, she will never return back. And that is understandable – the den is destroyed by her rushing out, so there is no more secure shelter for her and for her cubs. Mother just leaves den behind and is trying to save her own life, which is very difficult through the winter, when there is no food in the forest.


That is actually one of the main reason for the bears to hibernate through the winter – lack of food; cold is not a problem for adult bears. The cubs however will freeze quickly in the den, if humans do not intervene."


More information about IFAW's efforts to save these bears can be found on our project page linked here. - ED.


They each weighed less than a kilogram.

Their ears and eyes hadn’t even opened yet.

The four new bear cubs to arrive at the Orphaned Bear Rehab Center in Bubonitsy, Russia were probably just two weeks old.

They were brought in by the Nelidovo District’s chief veterinarian. The people who delivered them to his office said they were walking in the forest and unintentionally frightened a female bear from her den, which housed the four cubs.

The initial examination didn’t show any wounds or abnormalities. The bear cubs started to drink milk from the bottle very soon, consuming 35 ml milk each every 3-4 hours.

They are now kept in the warm room in a special wooden box with a heating electric pad on the floor, imitating their mother’s warm belly.


Your donations help make efforts to save lives like those of these orphaned bear cubs possible.

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