Isabel McCrea, Regional Director, Oceania

Isabel McCrea

Regional Director, Oceania 2011 - 2015

Isabel, Oceania Director, led her team in campaigning against whaling and illegal wildlife trade and for the protection of animals and their habitats. Within Australia the Oceania team works to protect critical tropical marine wildlife habitat in the northwest from the effects of exploration and drilling for oil and gas. Rescuing wild and domestic animals from both natural and manmade disasters is another important aspect of the Oceania office’s work. In the Pacific, the team is involved in training frontline customs officers in wildlife trade enforcement.

• Executive Director, White Ribbon Foundation, Australia
• Senior Consultant Pacific Region, World Bank, Australia
• Executive Director/Head of Communications, International Supply Initiative, Belgium
• Partner/Director, Cause and Effect Public Affairs Consultancy, Australia
• International Campaigns Director, Action Aid, UK
• International Coordinator, Biodiversity Campaigns, Greenpeace International,  The Netherlands
• Director of Wildlife Campaigns, Greenpeace UK
• Bachelor Degree (BSc) Psychology and Sociology, Stirling University, UK.

Whales in a Changing Ocean. Greenpeace International 1991.
Death in Small Doses – the effects of organochlorines on aquatic ecosystems. Greenpeace International 1992.
Astra Zeneca and its Genetic Research – feeding the world or fuelling hunger. ActionAid 1999.
Australia’s Last Great Whale Haven – Cetacean distribution and conservation needs in the north-west marine region. IFAW 2011.

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