Gift stock to help animals

Donating stock to IFAW is a wonderful way to continue helping animals in need while maximizing your tax-deductible giving.

Stock gifts have several advantages over giving a cash donation:

  • When you donate stock that has grown in value since you bought it, no capital gains tax is due
  • You can give more to IFAW at less cost to yourself
  • You can take a tax deduction for the full value of the stock

Please note that you should have owned the stock for at least one year and one day in order to be able to take the full deduction.

How to Donate Stock:

Step 1 – Contact IFAW

Fill out this form IFAW Gift of Stock or contact Meg Canty at 888.251.0253 or Please provide us with your name, address, phone number, the name of the stock, type of stock, number of shares, and the date you intend to make the gift. This ensures delivery and helps us provide you with the receipt you need for tax purposes.

Step 2 – Mail Certificates if stocks are held by you

If you hold a stock certificate and would like to donate it to IFAW, you will need to send one envelope containing all the certificates, and a separate envelope containing the stock power for each security. Please contact Meg Canty at 888.251.0253 or email 

our work can’t get done without you. please give what you can to help animals thrive.

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