Your 2018 journey with IFAW

In 2018, IFAW continued its work around the world – addressing human and environmental threats, rescuing and rehabilitating the most vulnerable animals, and working side by side with our community partners.


We could not have done it without you.

It’s your generosity and commitment that fuels everything we do. With your help:

  • IFAW successfully relocated 15 rescued elephants in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and India, who are now one step closer to life in the wild.
  • Our Marine Mammal team responded to nearly 300 marine mammals in distress, and is ending the year celebrating their 5,000th response, a milestone 20 years in the making. 
  • In Chikolongo, Malawi, IFAW created a sustainable water source for 700 people, mitigating human-wildlife conflict and creating a sense of harmony between communities and animals.

We look forward to getting to work in 2019 and advancing our projects around the world. Together, we can create a better future for people and animals everywhere.

Will you join us?