Western Gray Whale Research Log: First Working Day

The IFAW western gray whale team heading out from Piltun Island in Russia.

A few days after arriving to Piltun, the weather conditions were favorable to start our work and four of us went out on the boat to conduct photo-identification survey on gray whales.

Two members of our team stayed on shore to search for whales from the lighthouse and direct us to the closest group.

During eight-hour working day, we photographed and identified eleven whales known from previous years.

By the end of the day we were 31 km away from our research camp, the weather turned bad and we had a long way back home that took for us more than 3 hours. It was a long and tough trip, but we were excited about our first working day.

On the next day, a southern wind brought a thick fog, so we could hardly see 30-meter-long lighthouse. We are looking forward to continue our work and hopefully, the weather will improve soon.

More shortly!

-- LA

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