Your voice for whale and dolphin sanctuaries in Australia

© S Portelli Sperm whale feeding habitat at Perth Canyon is well protected, but there is very little marine sanctuary protection for these whales elsewhere in Australia.Australia is globally important for whales and dolphins. Over 45 different species are found here, from the largest animal on Earth, the blue whale, to Australia’s only endemic dolphin, the snubfin.

It truly is a special place and we want it to stay that way.

You may have heard that the Abbott Government is currently in the process of reviewing the Commonwealth marine reserves – a national network put in place by the previous Government in 2012.

This review has suspended the reserves and puts whales, dolphins and our precious marine life at risk, as it could lead to special sanctuary areas being completely abandoned.

Read more in IFAW’s latest report: Seeking Sanctuary

Whales and dolphins need sanctuary areas; they provide safe havens where they can feed, rest, socialise and breed undisturbed.

Any reduction in the size or number of these sanctuaries could be very damaging for whale and dolphin conservation and you can have your say about this by making a submission to the review.

See just what’s at stake in the video above, and then take action.


Let’s ensure the Government uses this review as an opportunity to better protect whales and dolphins around Australia – make your voice heard today.

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Brian Sharp, Emergency Relief Officer, Stranding Coordinator
Manager, Marine Mammal Rescue and Research
Dr. Maria (Masha) N. Vorontsova, Senior Advisor to the IFAW Marine Conservation
Senior Advisor to the IFAW Marine Conservation Program
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Director, International Policy
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