On VN Day, be sure to thank your veterinary nurse!

On VN Day, be sure to thank your veterinary nurse!It may be a yearly check-up, or perhaps your pet needs urgent attention.

Whatever the reason for visiting your vet, be sure to also thank your veterinary nurse!

Veterinary Nurses Day (VN Day), now in its sixth year, is an initiative developed by the Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia (VNCA). Encompassing the values of the VNCA, VN Day celebrates the contribution and dedication of these caring professionals.

This year, on 12 October, VN Day aims to educate and reinforce the value and professionalism that vet nurses bring to animal welfare.

On an average day, a veterinary nurse may assist with the preparation and sterilisation of surgical equipment, demonstrate commitment and empathy in their communication with pet owners or even perform clerical duties to ensure the smooth operation of the clinic. Veterinary nurses also often lend their skills to the protection of native wildlife, using their wealth of knowledge to educate community groups, school children and the general public about wildlife awareness, rescue and rehabilitation.

Growing with each year, VN Day is a wonderful opportunity for local communities to get to know the integral tasks veterinary nurses undertake as part of an overall veterinary healthcare team, and duties extending beyond veterinary clinics. It is a time to recognise the importance of the veterinary nursing profession and the care this challenging, committed role requires. IFAW thanks veterinary nurses across Australia for the vitally important work they do, and acknowledges their intrinsic contribution to the welfare of our animals.

For further information on VN Day or the VNCA, please visit www.vnca.asn.au

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