Make the right choice this Australia Day

Australian Flag MapAustralia Day is fast approaching and we are all no doubt relishing the idea of having the day off to spend with family and  friends, go for a swim, watch the fireworks and of course, fire up the barbie – we certainly are! But this year, why not make a stand against unsuitable, unsustainable and cruel farming practices and legislation by ensuring your bbqs are cruelty free?

It is commonly known that farmed animals that are reared in humane and natural conditions that allow them to exhibit natural behaviour , are less likely to suffer from stress or disease.  Yet, despite this, as a nation, we still have not managed to agree on what constitutes humane or natural  conditions for many farmed animals including chickens,  pigs, cows,  and turkeys.  As a result of lax legislation, factory farming is the way the vast majority of meat animals in Australia are raised.

Factory farming is an unnatural system, forcing animals into close confinement with little or no room to move. The animals become stressed and often attack each other. As a result, farmers routinely mutilate their livestock, for example de-beaking chickens to reduce the risk of harm. Another particularly disappointing practice is the removal of piglet teeth and tails so they are unable to bite each other and cause injury.

By making a conscious effort to stand against factory farmed meats this Australia Day, you are actively helping to put an end to farmed factory practices that place profit ahead of the health and welfare of our livestock.


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Cynthia Milburn, Director, Animal Welfare Outreach & Education
Senior Advisor, Policy Development
Faye Cuevas, Esq.
Senior Vice President
Jan Hannah, Campaign Manager, Northern Dogs Project
Campaign Manager, Northern Dogs Project