HAPPY VIDEO: vet feeds apple sauce to Wimmilee wildfire victim, Patricia the possum

The fires in the Blue Mountains have been devastating to people, properties, animals and wildlife. IFAW spoke to Robert Johnson, who runs South Penrith Veterinary Clinic and AVA’s wildlife spokesperson who gave us an update on the situation in the Blue Mountains. -- JS

The list of wildfire victims included this green tree snake. The outlook today is a little better and hopefully the worst is over. We know friends and clients that have lost everything, house, pets; the lot.

Hundreds of houses were lost in our region at the end of last week – mainly Springwood, Yellow Rock and Winmalee.

Prior to coming to Penrith 10 years ago Jane and I ran the Springwood and Winmalee Veterinary Clinics.

The threat of bushfires is unfortunately familiar to all of us at South Penrith Veterinary Clinic.

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Our hospital is full today: two dogs boarding, three cats (including Robert’s mother’s), one rabbit, four ringtail possums, two brushtail possums, one rainbow lorikeet, a quaker parrot (stray), a swamp wallaby, four turtles and a green tree snake.

In addition we have one paying customer, a cat that needed a “clip” and general grooming. The owners of the dogs, the cats and the rabbit have all been evacuated as they live in fire prone areas.

Many possums, ringtails and brushtails, are suffering from burns to the feet, nose, ears and tail. We have been able to treat many of them providing topical treatments, pain relief and antibiotics.

We treated Patricia the possum, victim of the bushfires at Wimmilee.

Watch this video of a local vet feeding Wimmilee wildfire victim, Patricia the possum, some apple sauce.

Our green tree snake, a common species in the Lower Blue Mountains, came from Heather Glen Road, Winmalee.

The snake has only superficial injuries but cannot be returned to its home range as the region is completely burnt out.

This is the case with many of the animals that we are treating.

Where do we release them once it is all over?

We have been inundated with offers of help.

People have been most generous bringing in fruit, baby food and milk replacers for the possums.

Provet has donated a heap of drugs for use on burns victims. Welfare groups have sent us pouches for joeys, others have offered cash donations. Sometimes you see the best of people in the worst of times.


Robert Johnson, Jane Roffey and all the staff at SPVC (Robyn, Kathryn, Jess, Natasha and Parice).

Your support helps in our efforts to rescue animal wildfire victims like Patricia, consider a donation now.

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