Children’s renderings of beluga whales are exhibited at Moscow's Darwin Museum

AAE participants have created more than 100,000 pieces of artwork.More than 60,000 people will visit the AAE Beluga whales exhibition at the Darwin museum in Moscow and see a selection of the best drawings from schoolchildren who participate in AAE.

I try to imagine the emotions and feelings of these children, their passion for nature and all animals, the desire to change the world.

They take paints, pencils, markers, plasticine, felt - and put all those emotions and excitement into a piece of art.

The skills do not matter, although the talent of some is extraordinary. What matters most are the feelings and devotion. Everyone is important and all are unique!

AAE was launched in Russia in 1999. For 16 years it has formed a captive audience of more than 2,000 organizations based in more than 500 cities and towns across Russia and CIS countries (Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, and Central Asia region).

AAE has been informing the people of Russia and other countries about IFAW projects and campaigns worldwide and helps spread animal welfare concepts.

  • In 2009, AAE participants supported IFAW Russia successful campaign to stop seal hunting in Russia (“Don’t Hit a Creature When It’s Down!”)  by organizing public events in 25 cities.
  • AAE 2010 materials about Tigers were posted to the Russian government organization “Special Inspection tiger” website and were demonstrated at the Global Tiger Forum in Saint-Petersburg.
  • IFAW Russia developed polar bear materials for AAE 2012 which were translated into English and used for the International Polar Bear Forum in 2013 in Moscow.
  • IFAW Russia also compiled AAE 2014 materials based on IFAW work to protect Beluga whales.

AAE helps cultivate devotion to animal welfare ideas in children: for example, the AAE participants created 33,500 origami seals in 2008, more than 100,000 pieces of artwork over all, and they have collected more than 1,5 million signatures in support of IFAW campaigns as part of AAE.

AAE participants and supporters promote animal welfare, the need to protect nature and all living creatures in Russia and neighboring countries as universal human values.

It is critically important all over the world.


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