Bushfires in NSW -The long road to recovery continues

Richardson Jane.Richardson Jane was one of the lucky koalas to be rescued during the recent bushfires. She is currently in the caring hands of the Hunter Koala Preservation Society. I spoke to Loreto Gray from HKPS today who brings us an update on her progress. --JS

Loreto Gray: Richardson Jane pictured above 14 days after rescue was one of the lucky ones. She survived the recent bushfires in NSW and is now beginning her journey towards recovery thanks to the dedication of Hunter Koala Preservation Society.

Jane has been responding to treatment exceptionally well. Burns to her face, nose and hands have healthy new skin. The back feet are slower to respond to treatment as they were full thickness burns that resulted in the loss of 4 claws.

Jane, now out of intensive care, is enjoying her new cage, sitting on logs surrounded by fresh eucalyptus, which she consumes enthusiastically. Bed sheets cover the logs so she does not tear the new skin as she manoeuvres around her new temporary home. Jane will be in care with HKPS for 6 to 12 months depending on the time it takes for her 4 claws to grow back.

From a personal point of view being involved with the “black walks” over a 10 day period was both physically and mentally draining. Physically because of the temperatures our volunteers were walking in and mentally because of the devastation we were seeing as a result of the hand of man.

It is said the greatest threat to our planet is man, and this was proven daily as we made our way through the charcoaled remains that was once home to many native fauna. Holding the charred remains of an animal one can only imagine the fear as they tried in vain to outrun the ferocity of the inferno.

Having the support of IFAW with us was very uplifting. As a very small volunteer rescue group in the Hunter, knowing that a global organisation was there to offer both financial and physical support strengthened our determination and proved even the smallest wildlife groups are never alone.


Thank you Loreto and to all at the HKPS for your wonderful work and we look forward to hearing more about Richardson Jane and her recovery.

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