Bight Back – Kangaroo Island whale hotspot under threat again already

Bight Petroleum wants to conduct seismic testing off of  Kangaroo Island,South Australia.The International Fund for Animal Welfare recently celebrated a small victory in our campaign here to protect critical whale habitats from the threat of oil and gas exploration when the whales found off Kangaroo Island, South Australia were given a temporary reprieve  from Bight Petroleum’s proposal to conduct seismic testing.

This was due to Environment Minister, Tony Burke, listening to IFAW’s and the local community’s concerns about the threat to marine life and demanded a higher level of environmental impact assessment.

This would not have been possible without your support. 

However, this win for whales was short-lived.

While the deafening seismic tests in the area have been halted for at least a year, amazingly the system allows Bight Petroleum to withdraw their original application and simply re-submit a new version. 

Essentially, they plan to carry out seismic testing in the same area, just over a slightly shorter time period. 

So, despite all of our combined efforts, the whales off Kangaroo Island are still not safe.

Bight Petroleum’s resubmitted proposal still poses a huge problem for both the local marine life and the island community.

Our analysis of the resubmitted proposal gives us no confidence that Bight Petroleum have addressed the threats to Kangaroo Island’s whales, but what’s worse is by manipulating the system this way, the public is given less time to comment.

That’s why we are asking for your help again, to tell Minister Burke to prevent the system being manipulated like this and reject the resubmitted proposal.

The resubmitted proposal does nothing to address the problems Minister Burke identified the last time round so we need you now more than ever to tell Minister Burke to stand by his previous decision.

Take action now and spread the word with your family and friends.

Kangaroo Island’s whales are not safe and they need your help again. 

We need to show definitively to Minister Burke that you care about Kangaroo Island’s whales and so should he.


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