Australia's marine sanctuaries under threat

two humpback whales swimming close together in AustraliaIn October 2016, we updated you on the Australian Government’s intention to take a backward step on marine conservation by rolling back marine sanctuary protections, when the rest of the world are forging ahead with increased protections! 

Australia is globally important for whales and dolphins. More than 45 different species are found here, from the largest animal on Earth, the blue whale, to Australia’s only endemic dolphin, the snubfin. It truly is a special place, and we want it to stay that way.  But the very sanctuaries that provide whales and dolphins with habitat critical to their survival – by offering safe havens where they can feed, breed, rest, migrate and socialise in waters free from human exploitation – is now under threat if the government’s recommendations get approved.   

Bottlenose dolphins swimming off Kangaroo Island in South AustraliaUnbelievably, the Government has completely ignored their own science recommendations, the voice of the Australian public and the pleas of local communities.  If Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg gets  his way, we will be the first nation to cut protections of its ocean estate, exposing vulnerable areas of the marine environment to industrial fishing exploitation and oil and gas giants. This will put our coral reefs and key whale and dolphin feeding and breeding areas around Australia under threat.

But these plans are not set in stone. They’re asking for your feedback.

Add your name today to stop this madness and save our sanctuaries.

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