Travel whale-friendly with Whappy

Whappy, the free and whale-friendly app, helps visitors make whale-friendly choices and show support for the protection of whales.

Responsible whale watching is a humane and profitable alternative to whaling. Tourists who eat whale meat out of curiosity directly contribute to the number of whales being killed. As a visitor to Iceland, YOU can have a positive impact – don’t eat whale meat and instead choose whale-friendly restaurants, book responsible whale watching tours and purchase whale-friendly souvenirs.

Whappy helps you:

  • Find whale-friendly restaurants that don’t serve whale meat
  • Book responsible whale watching and other wildlife-friendly excursions 
  • Purchase fun, whale-friendly souvenirs
  • Learn more about species of whale and dolphin around Iceland
  • Show your support for the protection of whales on our photo gallery

Download Whappy for free in the Google Play Store or the App Store.