Spotlight Canada: Thankful for help, thankful for vets

We’ve just finished celebrating our annual Thanksgiving traditions in Canada.

The weather was fantastic and I had the pleasure of sending both Pippi and another short legged wonder dog, Buddy, off to their new homes. I admit it, it’s a double edged sword – having them in my home for any length of time means that I get attached (every time!) but at the same time, somewhere in my head I know that I can’t keep them all and there are many deserving guardians out there just waiting for such a special family member. 

So I am thankful for Pippi and Buddy for finding more than just a Thanksgiving dinner this weekend. Another thing that I’m thankful for is a novel partnership that the Northern Dogs Project and the Ontario Veterinary Group are undertaking. The OVG and their six clinics approached us with an amazing idea that will see up to 1,500 vaccine donated directly to the Northern Dogs Project. 

The International Fund for Animal Welfare could receive enough vaccines to help the project for one year, but we need you to get involved, from the comfort of your chair, right now. Between October and December 2011, for each person that “likes” or “follows” the clinics on Facebook or Twitter, the Ontario Veterinary Group will donate one vaccine to IFAW’s Northern Dogs Project.

I’m sure OVG’s clients and patients are thankful for the vets and veterinary professionals that work to keep their animal companions healthy and happy. But many of the people that rely on IFAW’s Northern Dogs Project may not have the money and certainly don’t have the access to such veterinary care, and that sad fact is what compelled the amazing folks at the Ontario Veterinary Group to help reach out. So go do it! Like them, follow them. One little click will help a dog, and it will keep you in touch with a veterinary group that’s committed to doing good for animals. -- JH

To help the International Fund for Animal Welfare Northern Dogs Project receive the full 1500 vaccines, use this list of Ontario Veterinary Group clinics to “like” and “follow”:

Twitter: @BlairAnimalHosp
Facebook: Blair Animal Hospital

Kanata Animal Hospital
Twitter: @KanataHospital
Facebook: Kanata Animal Hospital

MacKay Animal Clinic
Twitter: @MacKayClinic
Facebook: MacKay Animal Clinic

Mt. Pleasant-Davisville Veterinary Hospital
Twitter: @MtPDVetHospital
Facebook: Mt.Pleasant-Davisville Veterinary Hospital

Rosedale Animal Hospital
Twitter: @RosedaleAnimal
Facebook: Rosedale Animal Hospital

Twitter: @SecordHospital
Facebook: Secord Animal Hospital

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