All Press Releases for Animal rescue

30 September 2009
IFAW received a request for assistance this morning from the Philippines-based Animal Welfare Coalition which is working in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture. The rescue team is out the door and will be arriving in the city within the ne Read more »
18 September 2009
“In the wake of disasters like Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav, we are thrilled to partner with IFAW and the ASPCA to provide this service should another natural disaster strike areas of Louisiana and other nearby states,” said Dr. Ren Read more »
16 September 2009
The orphan tiger was found last March when it wandered into the village of Avangard desperately looking for food. It was captured without resistance by the tiger protection specialists from Inspection Tiger. The cub was given little chance of survivi Read more »
17 August 2009
IFAW is responding to a cry for help by local groups currently working to save animals affected by the storm. Reports indicate that at least 10 animal shelters were damaged, leaving more than 1,000 dogs trapped by floods and more than 100 dogs drowne Read more »
27 March 2009
The Red River in Fargo broke a 112-year-old record by climbing past 40.33 feet, the highest the river has ever been measured. The latest reports expect the river to crest at 43.5 feet for 5 days. The city’s main dike has been fortified to 43 Read more »
17 February 2009
The number of animals being brought in for treatment has risen dramatically over the past few days as survivors emerge from the fire zones in search of food and water.  Many have terrible burns, dehydration and wounds from fleeing the fires. Read more »