UK Citizens: Surrender Your Ivory To Help Save Elephants

Twiggy and Julie Walters both support the International Fund for Animal Welfare UK Ivory Surrender campaign.

Today we launched our Ivory Surrender campaign in Parliament encouraging the public to donate unwanted ivory to highlight the illegal ivory trade and protect elephants. We are thrilled that celebrity animal lovers Twiggy and Julie Walters are lending their backing to this initiative.

More than 40 Members of Parliament attended the launch in the House of Commons, demonstrating their support for our work to protect elephants from this cruel and unnecessary trade. Police forces across the country as well as the National Wildlife Crime Unit and the Association of Chief Police Officers have also endorsed the initiative as they battle to tackle the illegal ivory trade. We were fortunate enough to have the Metropolitan police on hand at the launch where they were able to display ivory items they had recently confiscated.


In the International Fund for Animal Welfare UK office we were shocked by our new Ipsos MORI polling which shows more than four in 10 British adults are unaware that elephants have to die before their ivory can be obtained, while almost four million British residents are owners of ivory.

We are holding a UK-wide ivory surrender to help raise awareness of the threats facing elephants and to encourage the UK Government to push its pledge to press for a ban on ivory sales internationally. By donating any unwanted ivory items you may have, you can be sure it will not end up on the market again or have a commercial value, thereby making a positive contribution to elephant protection. If you do not own any ivory then why not let your friends know about our Ivory Surrender in case they have any items.

The global illegal trade in wildlife is estimated to be worth £12 billion annually, second only to the illicit trade in drugs and arms. Ivory forms a significant part of this and seizures of illegal ivory are skyrocketing following recent stockpile sales to Japan and China which sent a signal to poachers that it is open season on elephants. That’s why we’re calling on governments across the world to oppose further ivory sales and protect elephants. You can join us in this call by signing our petition.

If you would like to donate ivory to the surrender you can email or in the United Kingdom, call +44 020 7587 6709. If you do not own ivory but still want to support our work to protect elephants visit .

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