2008 Seal Hunt Blog Round Up

Sealhunt2 Stop the Seal Hunt, Kerry McCarthy, Labour Member of Parliament for Bristol East

"Have just been doing a bit of research on the Canadian seal hunt (yes, I know - a fun way to spend a Saturday night!). For some good info, see here: www.stopthesealhunt.com"

Also found this IFAW press release, which tells us that in Canada seals are classed as fish, rather than as sentient marine mammals that can experience pain, fear and suffering - which I thought was interesting (not to mention highly convenient!)"

Canadian Seal Killers Said to be Breaking New Law, Critter News

"Well, that didn't take long. The Canadian government's new requirement that hunted seals be actually dead before they skin them is already being ignored."

Ice Blocking Canada's Seal Hunt, Blue Marble Blog (Mother Jones)

"Good news. Thick ice is slowing sealing boats from reaching the baby harp seals in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, reports Planet Ark. Consequently, only three pups out of a quota of 275,000 were killed the first day. This after last year's "hunt" was affected by a lack of ice. The Canadian government has promised the slaughter will be more humane this year. How? After a hunter shoots or clubs a seal, he now must check its eyes to ensure it is dead, and if not, the animal's main arteries must be cut.

"Okay, let's get clear about this. That does not qualify as humane."

Harp seal hunt is barbaric, travel writer Ian Middleton

"I am absolutely disgusted by the cruelty of Canada’s commercial baby harp seal hunt. As you are aware over the next few weeks, more than a quarter of a million seals will be killed for unnecessary fur products. Nearly all of these seals will be less than three months old. Many will suffer painful and lingering deaths. This is unacceptable cruelty and the UK and Europe’s role in the trade in seal products is allowing this to happen."

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10 years ago

All I have to do is wtach this and I can't even bring myself to do that without being sick. This is simply a video. Imagine how the seals feel. THey are there. Ecperincing mass death and pain. It's a scar on humanity. We are paying and we will continue ro pay until golbal warming clubs us to death. It will be deserved. Unfortunately the animals must suffer for our cruelty and stupidity.

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