IFAW 2008 Seal Hunt Press Coverage

  Canadian seal hunters bemoan low prices, from UPI

"Some Canadian seal hunters in Newfoundland say they aren't sure low pelt prices and high gas costs make going to sea worthwhile later this month.

"While hunting resumed Monday off New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, the upcoming hunt along Newfoundland's northeastern shore isn't as appealing to seasonal fishermen, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported."

More training needed for sealers: vet, from CBC News

"New rules adopted by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to ensure seals are killed humanely should be accompanied by better training for sealers, says a member of the veterinary panel that looked into the issue.

"A group of nine veterinarians from Canada, the U.S. and Europe met in August 2005 to look at ways to minimize or eliminate suffering of animals during the seal hunt. One of the recommendations was a three-step process for killing, including bleeding the animal after it has been clubbed or shot."

Reader is against the seal hunt, from the Coaster

"I am asking you at take a hard look at yourselves and your leaders. Why are you allowing a barbaric act such as the clubbing to death of baby animals in the presence of their mothers to take place in your community? Babies that have not yet had a chance to take their first swim.

"It is not going to provide you with any long lasting solutions for your life long problems: for example; high unemployment, lack of training and opportunities. Rather "clubbing" your local politicians will bring about these positive changes. If politicians started to do their job, think creatively and work, it would help you to find dignifying work and repair Canada's image."

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9 years ago

Well, if you read why the price of pelts dropped, it was because they allowed too many low grade pelts to be accepted in prior years. https://www.cbc.ca/cp/Atlantic/080407/t040711A.htm...
So it wasn't because of protests (nice attempt to make stuff up as usual though).
I'd honestly like to see somebody attack me or berate me for wearing fur... stone me to death eh? That would be hilarious, and it would probably end with jail time for them. But why do you keep bringing up violence on people? Why is everybody here so bloodthirsty for HUMANITY?
In any case, keep wishing the hunt will end. The EU really isn't as important as they think they are. That said, they are reasonably important in terms of global backlash, but not so much economically. The big markets are China and Russia. Funny how the lot of you would probably go there and protest against seal hunting before you would protest against human rights abuses.
So, I need educating Mr. Dylan. Where do you live? Do you live in Newfoundland like me? Are you going to tell me you know that everybody in Canada is rich because we're in the G8? Hell, Russia's in the G8 and they don't seem so rich to me. So before you've actually seen the place, stop making extreme generalizations. Newfoundland has one of the worst economies of the nation (Admittedly it is improving as of late due to oil money, but the outports are still terribly bad off). When you go talk to a fisherman or a sealer, come back and tell us he can just get a new job easy enough. That's like me saying that most Africans just don't have the willpower to rise out of poverty.
There seems to be a grading system in place here. Going from least important to most important: hunters, non-vegans, vegans, ugly animals, cute animals.
Act like a human being before anything else. You obviously aren't.
Oh and, I'm not leaving anytime soon. I know it pains you to see logic appear in the forums, but you're just going to have to deal with some opposition to your propaganda.

9 years ago

You need educating, Canada is one of the G8 - the 8 wealthiest countries in the world so you comments about how life is hard and these 'por men' have to make a living is plain wrong and entirely misinformed if you think people are living in poverty and struggling in the outport communities then you need to take a look at whats happening elsewhere in the world for an example of real poverty and admit that there are better and more ethical ways for these people to make money.

9 years ago

The seal hunt has to be stopped.
theres no reason for this
cruel and pointless slaughter.
the seals that are still babies coat changes so the stupid sealers think that they are grown up.
dont tell me that seal is not a baby.its still a baby.I cant make it any clearer then that.
get the picture.lets stop this once and for all.
you know seal fur is beautiful and it looks fashionable on the seals and theres no need to be on us at all.
theres lots of other alternatives to be used these days.
they look fantastic in their own fur and we look good in our own skins.
lets keep it that way.
now thats a fashion statement worth making.

9 years ago

I meant to say "arcaic" not "arcane" which would imply that seal hunting is just misunderstood...which it's not. It's just stupid.

9 years ago

The seal hunt is barbaric and arcane. And truth is it doesn't count for very much of the fisherman's income. The hunt is monitored very loosely so the idea of a "humane" and "baby seal free" hunt is mute. If you want to read more check out www.ivorytowerz.blogspot.com

9 years ago

I cant understand how anyone can agree with what is happening, it is in no way humane and is totally wrong! It really upsets me to see these videos of the poor animals being killed in such a horrible way, it is awful. And to the people that state we only care because they are Cute animals is unbelievable! I personally care for every animal that is being killed in such an awful way, in this day and age there is no need! I dont care what anyone says, the people that go out on the ice and do these awful deeds have no morals and no heart! It needs to STOP and I personally will do everything in my power to help this happen!!!!!!!

9 years ago

They feel like they need to make a living for themselves. Newfoundland isn't like the USA... especially in the outport communities. Life is harder and every dollar counts. If there was a better alternative to paying off the boat and putting food on the table, they would take it - there isn't. No, that lady offering 16 million isn't going to help (is she going to pay 16 million a year indefinitely?) Ecotourism also isn't going to help thousands of fishermen - would you pay a few grand to go out in the freezing cold to watch a few seals? There are few people who will, and if the hunt closes then there will be no publicity from IFAW and PETA and HSUS - where's their cut of the money then?

9 years ago

How can such a government and its people allow this attrocity and cruelty? How can people in this country close their eyes and pretend they don't see? I am an elementary school teacher. I was talking to my students about animals and we came to the seals. I remember I saw an article in a very important and informative magazine in Brazil called "Veja" like "Time" in the USA. That was years ago and I remember getting so sad and frustrated and helpless. Years ago, now, teaching my students in the USA, it crossed my mind again and I decided to research what had happened since then. It's the same or even worse! Every year is the same thing!!! How can people and organizations tolerate this cruelty? My students were so sad and chocked. They are writing letters that hopefully will touch some people's hearts. Is this killing really necessary? Even if is, isn't there a painless way of doing it? How can these hunters look in their innocent eyes who don't know what it's going to happen to them? They don't imagine that their skulls are going to be smashed and they'll suffer in agony so that someone can make money! Don't these people have Jesus in their hearts?
Please someone has to do something... imagine your babies being killed in this such cruel manner? How would you, hunters, feel?

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