UPDATE: India Livestock Almost Forgotten

As a quick update as to what IFAW is doing in response to the India floods, first reported in August, I want to stress that the work IFAW is currently doing in India is vital. The flooding disaster in India has become nearly forgotten, yet our teams have remained in the field, helping many animals left behind. Sadly, conditions for livestock in most of the remote villages of Barmer and Jaisalmer districts have worsened.

Here’s a great map of the area.

Relief efforts provided by IFAW and other NGOs have been consistent since August, and the government has been lending assistance as well. Although it hasn't been enough in the eyes of most villagers.

It was initially thought that given the number of animals that surfaced following the flood native wildlife populations were severely damaged. However, recent reports indicate that livestock numbers have been severely affected. Considering people in the remote villages are almost wholly dependent on livestock, this is not good news.

Bodies of thousands of cattle were reported floating in the flood waters in August. Most recently livestock are reported to be dying as a result of malnutrition and various related diseases.

In light of this IFAW has begun to provide fodder and medicines to livestock of concern. Some villages have seen no relief due to disruption of road and communication networks. As our ER teams push through each day, brushing aside frustrations of losing their own homes in the flood disaster, we can be assured that in a forgotten corner of the world, animals are being helped.

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