Two chivalrous boys show concern for a dog’s welfare

The author and the two boys, Kevin and Brayan, who gave her flowers to show their concern for the dog she helped out.I was on my way to do our weekly veterinary visit to an impoverished neighborhood in Playa del Carmen when I spotted a small white dog near the road, trying to sort out the cars and avoiding to get run over. It had been raining all night so he was all wet with matted fur. I stopped the car, approached him gently and got down on one knee. He came close and looked at me with that look that means “I need help.”

I picked him up and put him in the passenger´s seat.

I continued my way to the place where we set up our table and tent to provide veterinary services. I was ready to start when I realized I was being watched by some kids. They were giggling; I smiled and kept working.

Suddenly the kids approached, and each gave me a flower. It has been years since I have received a flower! I was surprised and smiled. I asked them why such a nice gesture and they told me they were very worried about the dog. They also saw him in the road sorting out the cars, and they were figuring out how to help him when I stopped my car and rescued him.

They were relieved and happy to know that the dog was going to be ok. Then, despite being all wet and stinky, they asked me if they could meet him and pet him. These young chevaliers names are Kevin and Brayan, who, despite the harsh circumstances they face each day, will be better human beings because they have empathy towards animals.

I am so thankful for and proud of them!

They have a brighter future, because children who are empathetic to other beings, especially animals, are expected to be more caring adults. And the opposite happens as well, children who mistreat animals, who are cruel to them, have high chances of being cruel and violent to other human beings.

Every Thursday we provide veterinary advice in this impoverish neighborhood, and these kids also receive English and Capoeira lessons thanks to a volunteer program coordinated by Global Vision International, with whom we have a collaboration agreement, so I am sure I will still be seeing these kids.

As for the dog, he is in a foster home now waiting to be adopted.


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