Surry Hills residents Found A Way to Help Native Wildlife

Injured possum Dante being cared for after fire ripped through Nords Wharf, NSW.

After the news hit at the end of last year of the worst bushfires seen in NSW in over a decade, my community, like many Australians were deeply concerned about how the fire may have affected the Hunter Valley and Blue Mountain regions. Residents of my small street in Surry Hills in Sydney were so concerned for the people affected by the bushfires but also equally for the vulnerable wildlife that had been exposed to horrendously dangerous conditions, they decided to try and help.

As in any small community news of the bushfires spread quickly. Word got around to my neighbours that I work for IFAW and that IFAW had joined with the Native Animal Trust Fund (NATF) and Hunter Koala Preservation Society (HKPS) to help the many animal victims of the bushfires in the Hunter.

After it was revealed  that NATF and HKPS  carers were in desperate need of supplies such as towels, blankets, surgical gloves, tissues and compression bandages for the wildlife coming in, my concerned neighbours rallied together. Within 24-hours I was inundated with so many donated items, I could no longer walk through my living room!

It was truly heart-warming to see community spirit shine through for animals in their greatest time of need. I will be forever grateful to those of my neighbours who raided their linen cupboards and dug deep to donate to help these innocent victims. I’d like to take the opportunity to give a special shout out to two particularly special neighbours - Lawrence and Barbara. Lawrence door knocked on every one of our neighbour’s doors to make sure they knew a collection was taking place, and to Barbara who donated over $10 000 worth of bandages. Incredible generosity!

It is because of support such as this as well as the ongoing support we receive from our wonderful supporters, that IFAW is able to continue to rescue and protect animals both here in Australia and worldwide. Thank you!


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