Rescued from the darkness of their Texas ‘yard’, fighting dogs finally find peace

Photo courtesy of ASPCA.

Here’s a post from one of our brave field responders sharing her thoughts after working on a night raid to rescue fighting dogs.

Due to the nature of this type of work, we’re omitting the responder’s name. As always, thanks for your support. - IR

Animal cruelty knows no boundaries - things like economic status, geography, age, gender, or education level.

Last weekend, I responded to a dog fighting bust in Texas which set off a series of raids in Missouri and Kansas, all linked to the same criminal case.

International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) teams assisted the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in collecting forensic evidence, documenting the crime scenes, and providing medical care and emergency sheltering for nearly 100 dogs.

The night of the raid the darkness left us with no visibility beyond our flashlights and the headlights of law enforcement vehicles.

Just beyond the cast of their headlights I found the 'yard' where some of the dogs were lying in wait.

Photo courtesy of ASPCA.I told them we were here to help and that they will never have to fight for their lives ever again.

I told them they will now know shelter, compassion, and unconditional love.

What do they think of us?

Are we just as cruel as their owners, are all humans the same?

They leave with us peacefully showing no resistance, most begging for attention as we walk them along the dark path leading from the 'yard' to the transport vehicles.

I am proud of our IFAW responders who joined the rescue efforts in three different states. This barbaric act masquerading as a 'sport' cannot continue, all you have to do is look into the empty eyes of a fighting dog to see his broken spirit.

We must work hard to ensure this barbarism is no longer tolerated by humankind. Humane education and community outreach are just first steps and we are committed to following this through - now that is something worth fighting for....

-- Unnamed IFAW Animal Rescue team member

Your support makes our work and collaborations with organisations like the ASPCA possible.

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