Kitenden Conservancy Trust registered, unveiled to community leaders

The establishment of the Kitenden Conservancy Trust will ensure that Amboseli elephants can continue using 16,000 acres to graze and transit between Amboseli National Park and West Kilimanjaro Conservation areas for posterity.In July of 2013, 1,600 members of the Kitenden Corridor Conservation Area (of the larger Olgulului/Olalarashi Group Ranch (OOGR) located on the Tanzanian border of Kenya) leased 16,000 acres of land to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). The leasing ensured that the land would be maintained as a critical corridor and dispersal area for elephants and other wildlife.

After nearly four years of leasing this crucial landscape and three years of working out details to make the land into a legal conservancy, it has now been officially registered and unveiled in a ceremony to representatives of all stakeholders.

On 19 January 2017, the Kitenden Conservancy Trust was registered with eight KCCA committee members at the helm as trustees. On 31 March 2017 the promise that was made by the combined OOGR and KCCA committees came to pass when 36 members of committees and three IFAW field staff witnessed the “unveiling” of Kitenden Conservancy’s Registered Trust Deed by OOGR and IFAW lawyers.

Thanks to IFAW president and CEO Azzedine Downes, IFAW East Africa Regional Director James Isiche and Head of Programs Steve Njumbi who have encouraged us all in this direction, the first community-owned trust in OOGR is now in the process of being registered under the Trustee Perpetual Succession Act to make it an independent legal entity. This would make it possible to transact business without always depending on the trustees.

Kitenden Conservancy trustees with the trust’s deed.

Meanwhile, Kitenden Conservancy Trust has started planning a series of activities that will not only turn Kitenden into a fully-fledged community-owned wildlife conservancy for use by Amboseli elephants and other wildlife, but also improve the welfare and livelihoods of its members through eco-tourism activities in the area. This will ensure that Amboseli elephants can continue using this space to graze and transit between Amboseli National Park and West Kilimanjaro conservation areas for posterity.  

By supporting IFAW, you will be supporting the establishment and operationalization of Kitenden Conservancy Trust and securing the future of Amboseli elephants while improving the socio-economic welfare of the local Maasai community who have co-existed with these gentle giants forever.

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