Kiki, rescued mother to 10 puppies, has been adopted

Kiki and her adoptive family, who had recently moved to Playa del Carmen and wanted a canine companion for their new life there.Remember the mother dog who gave birth to 10 puppies last February?

Kiki, as we named her, gave birth to her puppies on a very cold night outside a Playa del Carmen apartment building where her caretaker lived. In order to keep them safe, I took them home to help Kiki raise them.

It is common for street dogs to have many puppies, most of them don´t survive the first couple of weeks as food is scarce and mommas don´t have enough nutritious milk to nurse all the puppies. Fortunately for Kiki, we were able to take the little family in, to help her raise her puppies in a safe and loving environment with plenty of high quality food and comfortable shelter.

Kiki was less than a year old and still a puppy herself.

When she took some breaks from motherhood to feed, drink and do her business, she also started to figure out what to do with the toys around her.

One of my greatest memories is seeing her playing with toys for the very first time.

Kiki´s puppies were absolutely gorgeous! They had beautiful coats, with brown and grey shades of color, and big blue eyes. I just loved them. They were a lot of work but I didn´t mind; I had friends helping and the puppies grew and grew!

Eventually, they all were vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and finally after they were 2 months old, they got adopted.

One by one and two in a pair they went to their forever homes. I have been following up on them and they are all very much loved and enjoying life.

But my sweet Kiki was left behind…. She was overlooked several times when people came to adopt a dog. Taller than the average Mexican mutt dog, she waited and waited.

One Saturday, I received a call from a couple that were looking to adopt a puppy. I told them I was fostering a couple of puppies and invited them to come over. They arrived 10 minutes after we hung up. They had recently moved to Playa del Carmen, and wanted a canine companion for their new life. Kiki saw Andres and jumped to hug him, it was like love at first sight!

They took her for a trial along with one of the more active puppies we had, but they soon decided to adopt Kiki.

In her new home Kiki gets long walks, personalized attention, a cozy doggie bed, and lots of cuddles and homemade treats. She is having some separation anxiety issues when they leave her by herself to run some errands. But Kiki’s new family is working it out, with love and private behavior lessons. Anxiety is an issue that is common in rescued dogs, but not a reason to give up on them. In fact quite the contrary; sometimes they just need a little extra patience to adjust to their new life.

At home with me, Kiki had canine company all the time, between other foster dogs and my dogs as well. One of her favorites was Cata, my one-eyed dog. Cata used to pick on her sometimes and boss her around, but Kiki and Cata loved each other. After all Cata, was the nanny to Kiki’s pups.

Both Cata and I miss having her around! Luckily, I am in constant touch with Kiki’s new family.

Thank you for keeping up with Kiki´s journey. Although it may seem that it just finished, this is only the beginning of her happy new life. Even though I miss her lots and a couple of tears were running down my face as I said goodbye, I couldn't be happier for her!

Just look at her smile!


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