Dream under construction part three: The walls are up

People and rescuers bring animals for assistance and sterilization not only from Playa del Carmen, but from nearby cities such as Cancun and Tulum.The new clinic is closer to becoming a reality.

We visited the other day. The walls are up, we have stairs now that allow us to access the three floors.

You can now visualise more easily what the clinic will look like and how it will function once it is completed.

Many people have been involved in this project, from the construction workers who have been working through extremely hot weather and severe rains, to the architects, the engineers, the fundraising team and of course, the staff at Coco’s. 

The Coco’s staff currently work in a space that is 50 square meters (164 square ft.) Despite their extreme space limitations, they manage to conduct more than 20 surgeries a day, plus consults and emergency care for rescued animals. On average, they assist no less than 25 animals per day - that’s 150 animals per week and 645 animals per month!

With the new clinic we hope to be able to assist around 800 - 1000 animals per month.

Where do all these animals come from? People and rescuers bring animals for assistance and sterilization not only from Playa del Carmen, but from nearby cities such as Cancun and Tulum. Coco´s also supports local animal rescue organizations by providing them with free spay and neuter services. Every rescued animal and every animal organization in the area gets their animals spayed by Coco’s for free, in order to prevent more unwanted animals that will need rehoming.

Coco´s also offers free spay and neuter services for those owners who cannot afford them. At the new clinic there will also be space for keeping animals overnight. This will particularly help animals whose owners are of low income, by giving the animal a proper space to recover from surgery.

Playa del Carmen has over 200,000 inhabitants and is growing fast - which means there are more and more animals that need help each day. We gain terrain by not only assisting the animals, but also by doing outreach and educating kids and the community in how to be better guardians for their best friends. This clinic is the first step in helping us to reach many more animals, as well as many more people.

Behind every animal we assist, there is a story. We have hundreds of touching stories. You can read some in the links below:

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We can´t wait to build this space of hope for animals in need and to promote animal welfare. With your help we can make it happen! Every donation counts, thank you!

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