Colorado floods: help us fill trucks with precious hay for 1000 starving horses!

IFAW needs to raise $10,000 to purchase and distribute hay with the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank immediately. c. Colorado Horsecare FoodbankThe wrath of flood waters that ravaged Colorado over the last week has come with a heavy price.

Victims are mourning the loss of six lives and some are still looking for lost ones unaccounted for. Over 18,000 homes have been damaged across the state and countless roads are destroyed, blocked, or have been swept away.

Residents begged for rain as forest fires whipped across Colorado a mere week ago, but there was no way to know that flash floods would spill over creek and river walls to destroy homes and hundreds of thousands of farmland acres.

Evacuated families are returning home to pull their lives back together and of course, their pets and farm animals are a priority. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is thankful to have a partner in the field who knows what it means to serve those less fortunate in their time of need.

The Colorado Horsecare Foodbank (CHF) has helped over 400 horses just in the last few days with food but time is running out … the hay is almost gone.

There are still 1000 horses and some farm animals that need hay now because the stockpiles are burned, flooded, or just empty. Juliana with CHF struggled as she told me of her great fear of having to face the last person in line for hay and telling him that it is all gone, that there is just no more.

We will not let that happen!

The CHF is a non-profit organization committed to helping keep horses with their families who may be struggling with a financial hardship from loss of work, a medical crisis, or a natural disaster such as the recent fire and floods. IFAW shares a strong belief with CHF that animals make our lives healthier and happier.

They deserve our respect and compassion.

IFAW needs to raise $10,000 to purchase and distribute hay with the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank immediately.

We have responders on their way to support CHF and make sure that the trucks waiting to deliver hay are filled as soon as possible!

Everyone is so very tired, physically and emotionally. So many would have given up by now, but CHF is determined and so are we.


Stay tuned for news from our responder, Claire, who is in the field this week and make a donation in support of our efforts now!

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