Bronze medal for IFAW anti-whaling ads in Cannes

Thursday, 23 June, 2011

Last night at the prestigious Cannes Golden Lion Awards for excellence in advertising, JWT Melbourne picked up the bronze medal for IFAW posters designed to highlight the sham of Japanese ‘scientific’ whaling.

Despite a global ban on whaling, Japan has continued to hunt whales using a loophole which allows ‘scientific’ whaling. There is no valuable science which arises from ‘scientific’ whaling—just valuable whale meat which is for sale in Tokyo restaurants and supermarkets.

IFAW tasked JWT with raising awareness of the ongoing commercial slaughter of whales in the ‘in the name of science’.

“The strategy was simple,” said Harsh Kapedia, Creative of JWT Melbourne.  “We used the research of whaling countries against them.”

The campaign used magnificent illustrations to draw people into the ad, subtly showing the harsh reality of whaling, at the same time showing the whales in their most beautiful form rather that using brutal imagery.

“Scientific whaling is more about whaling than science, and JWT cleverly captured the ridiculous and outdated notion that we need to kills whales to study them,” said Patrick Ramage, Director of IFAW’s Global Whale Program.

“The JWT posters have an ethereal beauty which is extremely engaging, in stark contrast the grim facts contained in the text,” said Erica Martin, IFAW Vice President of Communications.

“We were delighted with the results which helped us in our campaign to stop whaling and we congratulate the entire creative team of JWT Melbourne for this very deserved recognition.”

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