IFAW and local partners unite to save animals affected by Indonesia’s disaster

IFAW and local partners unite to save animals affected by Indonesia’s disaster

On September 28th, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit Indonesia and triggered a tsunami that devastated communities on the island of Sulawesi. As search and rescue efforts took off, IFAW’s Disaster Response team increased support to our local partners in our Southeast Asia Emergency Relief Network (ERN) who deployed to areas hit hardest from the disaster. Additional funding included providing animal rescue emergency grants to our regional partners at Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP), Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN), and Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA). Over the last several years, we have developed strong working relationships with our ERN partners. When disaster strikes, we unite as a strong force to aid communities affected by tragedies.

Through IFAW’s grants, COP, JAAN, and BAWA were able to send a team to Palu and Donggala, where they rescued animals from rubble and performed health assessments. Upon setting up base camp at the local Wildlife Authority Office, COP made a miraculous discovery. All fifteen of the confiscated exotic birds and both of the crocodiles residing in the building survived the disaster. The COP team provided emergency care to the animals and are in the process of moving them to a wildlife rescue center. Now, three weeks later, the teams continue to provide daily veterinary care and food to animals affected by the disaster.

In the past two months, we have seen numerous disasters strike communities around the world. Hurricane Florence in North Carolina, Indonesia’s earthquake, and most recently, Hurricane Michael in Florida have left thousands of animals in need of emergency care. IFAW’s Disaster Response team anticipates the long-term needs of these affected areas and is prepared to support communities as they move towards reestablishing their lives. With your support, we can help communities recover from disasters and care for animals in need around the world.

The spirit of Indonesia remains strong. Our work in this region is so important- to train and empower local organizations and provide life-saving work during a response. Together, we are building community resilience and a strong foundation where animals and people can recover.

-- JG

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