April Wobst, Whale Program Officer

April Wobst

Whale Program Officer

April Wobst joined the IFAW team as a policy analyst for the US Country office in Washington, DC in 2011 with a focus on whale and marine campaigns, and has since joined the global whale team in a coordinating role as Whale Program Officer, supporting our efforts world-wide to end commercial whaling, protect against ship strikes and make our oceans quieter.

April serves as IFAW’s representative to the Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Team, the group of policy makers, scientists, fishermen and NGOs established by NOAA to help develop plans to mitigate the entanglement risk to right whales, humpbacks and fin whales posed by fishing gear, and has worked to further expand protection of right whales from ship strikes through support of the Ship Speed Rule, and growth of the Whale Alert app for improved compliance with current regulations.

April received her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology from University of Pittsburgh and Master of Science in Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology from the University of Maryland.