Disney Friends for ChangeDisney Friends for Change is a multi-platform initiative that inspires kids and families to join together and make a positive impact on their world by helping people, communities and the planet. Through PSAs on-air and online action kits, the program aims to provide useful resources to encourage kids to make small changes that add up to big differences.

Using online voting, these youths had the opportunity to vote for the environmental project they felt deserved the most funding. IFAW’s “Clearing the Way for Turtles,” which seeks to provide a clean, safe nesting habitat for the critically endangered leatherback sea turtle, and increase the nesting populations at targeted beaches, received the second most number of votes.

Disney’s support of this project is not only protecting sea turtles but also is helping launch an island-wide project spearheaded by young people to reduce the use of plastic bags, which sea turtles often mistake for jellyfish.

Friends for Change currently has almost 5 million actions taking place from kids in 33 countries throughout Europe, Latin America, China and the United States. For more information, please visit Disney.com/friends.