Who will you be talking about this Harmony Day?

Harmony Day Ribbon Photo:WikimediaThe message of Harmony Day this year is ‘Everyone Belongs’. This is a wonderful sentiment for a country whose multicultural influence forms the building blocks of the nation.

This Harmony Day, 21 March 2013, the International Fund for Animal Welfare would like to recognise and applaud all those Australians who care and offer protection to individual animals, entire populations and precious habitats within our great country.

From the Dreamtime to the Eureka, from the outback to the city, Harmony Day promotes community participation and inclusiveness, while celebrating diversity and the enriching knowledge of others.

One who epitomises such values is our 2012 Online Animal Action Award winner, Rayya T-Malaeb. Born is Lebanon, Rayya came to Australia with the support of her family to pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian. Rayya’s warmth and generosity of spirit saw her quickly embraced by her local community, and through her expert use of social media, respected by most Australian animal lovers and pet owners.

Another Australian working to harmonise the relationship between people and animals is Dr Emma Kennedy, IFAW’s 2012 award winner for Outstanding Contributions from a Vet.

Emma does not enjoy the comfort of a quick drive to a shiny office; in fact it’s quite the opposite. In her role as Vet/ Animal Control Manager she is responsible for over 33,000 square kilometres of East Arnhem Land. Although in a paid position, Emma is renowned for constantly going above and beyond the boundaries of her role.

Her concerted efforts to share her skills and knowledge are to the benefit of many animals in the region and the remote indigenous communities to which they belong. Through a shared love of animals and their welfare, Emma has developed strong relationships with many communities in our Top End, educating them on how to best care for their wildlife and pets.

Many Stories - One Australia is a fitting theme for Harmony Day 2013.

On this day, why not share your stories of Australians working hard to improve the lives of animals here and around the world.


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