Urging NSW government to protect koalas on all fronts

The key to the koala’s survival is the protection of its habitat, but new legislation in NSW will unleash a wave of tree-clearing across the state.The NSW government seems to have developed a split personality when it comes to koalas!

On one hand it has repealed land-clearing laws and replaced them with new legislation that will unleash a wave of tree-clearing across the state that will cut down swathes of koala habitat…

Whilst on the other hand, it is claiming to draft an all-encompassing strategy that will save koalas from extinction, including the Save Our Species iconic koala project…

Talk about the left hand not talking to the right! 

Land clearing is the leading cause of wildlife extinction in Australia. One hundred species of plants and animals have already become extinct in NSW and another 1,000 are on the extinction waiting list, including 60 percent of all our native mammals.

The koala is an icon for NSW and Australia. The key to its survival, as with any species, is the protection of its habitat. But, rather than retain the laws that protect koala, it is getting rid of them!

The International Fund for Animal Welfare has joined forces with conservation groups all over NSW as part of the Stand Up for Nature Campaign to try to knock some sense into the government about this.

We need strong, effective conservation laws that will stop the wave of extinctions that is rolling across our state. The government needs to implement stronger measures to protect critical koala habitat. The logging of native forest on public land needs to end and the protection of koala habitat in private native forestry operations needs to be improved.

And last, but by no means least, the government needs to support all those voluntary wildlife groups and the vets that they work with to help them deal with the koalas and other wildlife that are displaced or injured on a daily basis as a result of these rotten policies.  All of these groups are 100 percent voluntary and are providing a community service that often goes unrecognised. If these wildlife groups didn’t exist, I hate to think how much worse things would be.

But it can’t be left to them to deal with the fall out. We all need to join together to address the root cause of the problem which is the destruction of habitat.

The NSW government claims that its plan is a milestone for the survival of our most iconic animal. But it is wrong – any plan that doesn’t protect koalas from land clearing and logging is a disaster for koalas.

We need your help to tell them that.


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