Thanks to our supporters, Liwonde, the Jewel of Malawi shines on

With your continued support, we aim to increase and develop our contribution to animal welfare worldwide.Located at the southernmost tip of Lake Malombe, Liwonde National Park is renowned as the jewel of Malawi.

It is also home to the largest elephant population in the country.

Unfortunately the recent alarming global increase in poaching is represented in this park as the demand for ivory and rare animal hides grows.

If ivory seizure reports are anything to go by, the International Fund for Animal Welfare believes the proliferation of poaching is set to rival that seen in the 1970s and 1980s.

The current demand for ivory has grown so rapidly, that the tusk of a single adult elephant is estimated to cost more than 10 times the average annual income in many African countries.

Just over a year ago, the IFAW team put a call out to our supporters asking them to donate to our efforts to reduce poaching in the Liwonde National Park.

The overwhelming support to this call to action allowed us to continue and develop vital work in this area. Many supporters were honoured for their extreme generosity with individual engraved and hand-painted plaques displayed as part of the parks’ rangers hut.

IFAW is helping Liwonde National Park develop and implement systems that improve park security, ease human-elephant conflict and increase the effectiveness of park management.

This has a very important ripple effect for local communities in the area, as a large proportion of money raised through tourism in the park goes directly to social development and improving infrastructure, healthcare and education.

Through education and targeted strategies, IFAW, our supporters and the local communities on Malawi have made a marked difference to the survival of this important habitat and the animals who call it home.

As Supporter Relations Manager, I am privileged to work with such dedicated and generous supporters.

On behalf of our team, I would like to thank everyone who donated to the Liwonde National Park drive and also those who provide ongoing support for our projects.

We are fortunate that our work both in Australia and abroad is held in such high regard.

With your continued support, we aim to increase and develop our contribution to animal welfare worldwide.

-- NS

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