Protection For Humpback Whale Nursery Welcome

Thursday, 19 April, 2012
Sydney, AU

IFAW welcomes the Western Australian Government’s decision today to protect the biggest calving area for humpback whales in the southern hemisphere by creating the Camden Sound Marine Park.

“This is an important first step towards increased protection for whales in the greater Kimberley region,” said Matthew Collis, IFAW Campaigner.

The marine region is critical for the world’s biggest humpback whale population as well as other endangered species like blue whales and the uniquely Australian snubfin dolphins and has been under increasing threat from the rapidly encroaching oil and gas industry.

The forthcoming Australian Government's marine bio-regional plan for the north-west region offers the opportunity to protect these humpback whales and other species further offshore from the many threats they face, particularly from the oil and gas industry.

“However mighty they may appear the world’s oceanic giants, such as blue whales and humpback whales, don’t stand a chance against the noise, pollution and ship strikes that are brought by the offshore oil and gas industry,” Mr Collis said.

IFAW calls upon the Australian Government to show real ambition to protect important areas from shallow waters nearer the coast out to remote offshore atolls that form important whale habitats and migration routes for ocean giants like the humpback whale and blue whale.

IFAW also looks forward to further protection for whales and dolphins in state waters with the other marine parks to be created at Eighty Mile Beach, Roebuck Bay and the North Kimberley.

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