Miss Australia International contestant supports IFAW

Miss Australia International pageant contestant and her treasured companion, Paris the chihuahuaDid you know that one of the five women vying to be the next Miss Australia International is a proud IFAW supporter? While Sydney-based Krystle Bourne is new to the world of pageants, she is experienced at raising money for good causes – notably IFAW.

We wish Krystle all the best in Saturday’s pageant and thank her for her great work in raising awareness and donations for IFAW.

Below, she explains her interest in animals and IFAW.--RTJ

When a colleague first mentioned that I should enter Miss Australia International, I initially hesitated at the idea. Having thought about it some more and having looked at the amazing things the paegeant achieves, what convinced me was the fact that I got to choose a charity to promote during my time in the pageant.  So, I entered and for the past three months, I've had so much fun, I've met so many new and interesting people and best of all, I've been raising money and awareness of IFAW along the way.

I grew up in a family that included plenty of pets, with my mum being very focused on the care of animals and she instilled this same value in me. This taught me about the strength of the bond between humans and animals.

So when I decided to move to Sydney to start my degree in fashion design at the Whitehouse Institute of Design, I naturally wanted a pet of my own. I knew I wanted a dog, but was aware that I needed to find the right dog, one that fit into my lifestyle so that I could provide the very best loving and secure home.  So I started to research rescue pets and that’s when I found IFAW. Its goal to "rescue individual animals, protect entire populations and preserve precious habitat" really struck a chord.

In 2009, with a puppy rescued from the city's animal shelter under my arm, I moved to Sydney. Paris the chihuahua was and remains a treasured companion.  When I return home from pageant events, I look at Paris and know that, like IFAW, I want to help animals in distress.


Krystle is accepting donations for IFAW at www.gofundme.com/missaust4ifaw

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