Let’s find a way to make it a quiet world oceans day

Sunset in South Australia.Today is World Oceans Day. On World Oceans Day people around the planet celebrate and honour the body of water which links us all, for what it provides humans and all that it represents, including the wonderful marine life we are privileged to share our oceans with.

It’s been a good couple of weeks for the oceans around Australia. On the 4 June, the House of Representatives voted against attempts to derail the national marine reserves network. The management plans for the newly created marine reserves still have to go through the Senate but once they pass that hurdle, the final piece of the puzzle to sensibly and sustainably mange the largest system of marine parks in the world will be in place and Australia will be at the forefront of ocean conservation globally. That’s surely something to be proud of.

Meanwhile, Environment Minister Tony Burke decided on 30 May that Bight Petroleum’s bid to explore the waters off Kangaroo Island for oil and gas would need a higher level of environmental assessment. This was good news for the many species of whales and dolphins that use the waters off Kangaroo Island. IFAW is concerned that the noise pollution from deafening seismic testing in an area of such importance to a wide range of species could have damaging impacts for individual whales and even whole populations.

The news couldn’t have been more timely as IFAW launched a new report about ocean noise pollution on the sixth National Whale Day on 1 June. We’ve also been having a whale of a time seeing how local kids explain ocean noise pollution. You can watch the video they made here.

What we want to see now is some serious commitment from government and industry to quieten down man-made noise in the marine environment. You can help us find a way to do this by demanding silence from Australia’s politicians – send a letter to political parties calling for a comprehensive action plan to address ocean noise pollution.

With some concerted action, next world oceans day can be a little more peaceful for our friends beneath the sea.


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