Japanese Parliament has commercial whaling in its sight

Japanese Parliament has commercial whaling in its sight
Wednesday, 21 June, 2017
Further to reports that the Diet (Japanese Parliament) yesterday passed a bill which expresses the Government's desire to resume commercial whaling; IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare), urges the Japanese Government to finally abandon its dying whaling industry and fully support humane whale watching instead.
“This new bill by the Japanese Parliament to resume commercial whaling is outrageous. Commercial whaling has been banned globally by the IWC, and this domestic bill will not legalise the slaughter of whales for commercial purposes. 
“For decades Japan has conducted whaling on Australia’s doorstep.  Malcolm Turnbull and other anti-whaling governments must now take decisive action and once again bring international law to bear on Japan.  IFAW research shows that whaling is an economic loser.  With little appetite for whale meat in Japan, we urge the Japanese Government to follow Australia’s lead and support its growing whale watching industry as a humane and sustainable alternative. It’s time to end this cruel and unnecessary hunt.” said Rebecca Keeble, Acting Country Office Director at IFAW” 

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