INTERNATIONAL CAT DAY: How we help cats in Playa del Carmen

One of the things that I enjoy after a long day of work is to get home and cuddle with my two cats. Yes, I am a cat lover! And I feel very proud of the work that we do for cats in Playa del Carmen.

We celebrate cats every day at the clinic of our local partner Coco’s Animal Welfare, where we provide veterinary care and kitten milk to cat rescuers. Thanks to the support provided by the Cat and Kitten Rescue Program, more than 1,500 cats and kittens have been rescued and rehomed.

But the beauty of this program, is that we don’t only help the kittens, we also engage the community in taking care of the kittens until they are adopted, promoting adequate guardianship of companion animals.

Coco’s is not a shelter. It’s a clinic.

Cat Day

Every person who comes with a rescued kitten, a feral cat or a whole litter, will receive veterinary check ups for all the kittens.

They will be taught on how to bottle feed them, they’ll receive kitten milk formula, special bottles, deworming.

The kittens will be sterilized once they gain the appropriate weight.

With this program, we make sure that all the kittens will go to a new home completely healthy, sterilized, dewormed and vaccinated. And we also make the adoption process easier for the rescuers by freeing them from these expenses. Once the kittens are adopted, the new owner can follow up on the kittens health with their private veterinarian.

In this video you will meet Wendy, a cat lover and rescuer who has helped more than a thousand kittens by herself, and who has been using our program in the last years. Thank you Wendy for being a champion for the cats.

And thank you to all Coco’s staff for all the amazing work you do for our kittens.

Happy International Cat Day!


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