Finding ways to help animals through free classroom education resources

New Cats, Dogs and Us lesson plans have been created to meet the new national Australian curriculum outcomes. This time of the year sees teachers and students around the country settling in to the new school year. With summer holidays now just a distant memory, teachers are looking to find ways to engage their new students in positive, meaningful classroom experiences. 

As a parent or teacher or regular visitor to the IFAW website, you may already be familiar with our Animal Action Education resources. But today sees the launch of our Cats, Dogs and Us collection of student magazines, newly tailored lesson plans, poster, video and take action guide.

They are all free and are available now to download.

These new lesson plans and supporting materials have been adapted to meet the Australian curriculum and will help educators to integrate humane education into the classroom.

These materials take children through characteristics of cats and dogs, the unique relationships cats and dogs have with people in communities around the world and the important responsibility people have in caring for the needs of cats and dogs.

IFAW's educational programmes are proven to be good for animals and for little people too! 

Studies have shown that integrating animal welfare and ethics education into the classroom can lead to reductions in school violence and bullying, while supporting moral development and instilling a sense of responsibility for others, both animals and people.

I feel such a sense of pride to be helping find ways of establishing positive attitudes to animal welfare through the ongoing education of our children.  If you are a teacher or know a teacher, why not download the materials today?


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