Euthanasia Not An Option For Rare Cats

Euthanasia Not An Option For Rare Cats
Wednesday, 18 January, 2012
Sydney, AU

(International Fund for Animal Welfare - supports worldwide calls for the 36 endangered lions and tigers from New Zealand’s Zion Wildlife Park to be re-homed and not euthanized.

The troubled wildlife park and the lives of its animals are in the hands of receivers, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (appointed by Rabobank) who have applied through the High Court to have the cats gone by 3 February or put down. The High Court decision is due today.

“As few as 20,000 African lions and 3,000 tigers remain in the wild, that euthanasia of these rare animals is even considered is outrageous”, said Isabel McCrea, IFAW Oceania Regional Director.

“IFAW believes that wild animals belong in the wild and the captive environment will never be equal to the wild. That these 36 innocent animals are at the mercy of accountants just underlines this fact. 

“Habitat protection and anti-poaching efforts are key components to the long-term conservation of lions and tigers.

“These captive bred animals are unable to be returned to the wild. Homing the cats in a reputable, open range wildlife park is the only option that should be considered,” Ms McCrea said.

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