Community support through CLAW helps save greyhound

It is thanks to your support that CLAW is able to provide much needed primary veterinary support to our communities.Early in the morning CLAW received a frantic phone call from a concerned citizen to say there was a skinny stray running about on a busy street near the “Township” waterworks.

We immediately dispatched our trusted staff members Devilliers Katwya and Hassan Kassim who were working close by with our mobile clinic. Within 30 minutes they were on the scene but the dog in question was nowhere to been seen. The two searched for more than three hours, asking local people if they had seen a skinny tan and white greyhound-type dog but to no avail.

Devilliers was starting to wonder what had happened to the poor creature? Had it been hit by a car? Was it injured and hiding somewhere in the veld?

Hassan left the CLAW phone number with people in the community asking them to please call us if the dog was spotted again. The local people were eager to assist CLAW and assured us they would keep a close eye out for the starving dog. 

A week went by and not one sighting of this terrified dog, even though Devilliers and Hassan had been back to Waterworks and the surrounding areas on a daily basis looking.

Yesterday morning, a good friend of Devilliers called him to say that he had found the Greyhound. He had seen the dog running alongside the road, stopped his mini-bus taxi, whistled and the dog came running.

He opened the door and the dog jumped right in!

This friend immediately called Devilliers to let him know the dog was safe and that he had given the dog what was clearly his first meal in several weeks.

Devilliers raced to the scene and brought the dirty, thin and tired Greyhound safely to CLAW.

Dr Saskia examined the Greyhound and besides being malnourished, full of fleas and intestinal worms, found him in fair health. He will be fed a high quality diet, and when strong enough, will be sterilised and available for adoption.

It is thanks to your support that CLAW is able to provide much needed primary veterinary support to our communities. The trusting relationship we have built with the communities means that they will always support us when we need a hand.

A big thank you from us and the beautiful dog you helped us save.


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