Steve Njumbi, Head of Programmes, IFAW East Africa

Steve Njumbi

Head of Programmes, IFAW East Africa

Steve Njumbi is currently IFAW East Africa’s Head of Programmes. He is a wildlife ecologist by training with a Master of Philosophy in Wildlife Management and is pursuing a PhD on the topic of human dimensions of wildlife ecology.

Steve has been with IFAW since 2000 and was instrumental in the five year habitat restoration project of Meru National Park between 2000 and 2005. In February of this year, he was the technical team leader of a massive total aerial count of elephants in the Tsavo ecosystem in addition to playing the same role in the collaring of elephants at Tsavo East National Park in March.

He started his career in 1990 as part of the famed Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Elephant Programme team that was led at the time by world renowned elephant scientist Dr Joyce Poole, and that benefitted from mentorship by leading biologists including Dr Iain Douglas-Hamilton and Dr Cynthia Moss.

Steve believes that through proper land use planning and respect for other forms of life, the world can be a better place for both wildlife and humans, and is dedicated to contributing his part to the realization of this vision through projects such as the Tsavo elephant collaring and monitoring project.