Blessing Chiriseri

Blessing Chiriseri

Volunteer veterinarian at IFAW’s Mdzananda Animal Clinic

Dr Blessing Chiriseri, a volunteer veterinarian at IFAW’s Mdzananda Animal Clinic, remembers receiving his first pet – a fish – at about aged seven.

Born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe, he says that as a child his favourite pets were guinea pigs, but he had no idea what a vet was until a chance meeting with one when he was 18 years old, about to finish school, and trying to decide on a university career.

“A career in Vet Science seemed as though it suited my personality,” the quiet spoken man says.

He enrolled at the University of Harare, and soon after went to his first “watch” practice, job shadowing a large animal vet.

In 2010 he came to South Africa and volunteered at various animal welfare projects in Johannesburg, before coming to Cape Town to help at Mdzananda.

“Small animal veterinary work is where I want to be for the moment. It’s much more personal, more ‘connected’,” he says. “ And working in welfare is really a lot of fun.

You can do so much for animals which otherwise wouldn’t get care.”

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